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Here are 440 diverse minority professionals who can run Massachusetts state and local Government

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Did you hear them say we “can’t find” qualified minority staff? ”
Anaconda Don ‘t!

[ copyleft ]
From: Beata Coloyan
Sent: Fri, Oct 31, 2014

Subject: Diversity in Transition Resume Update

Hello ( Community )

The Diversity in Transition Committee is proud to announce that we have collected 440 resumes in our search for qualified and diverse candidates within the new gubernatorial administration.

However, we are only at 88% of our goal. In order to reach our end goal of 500 resumes, we need your help.

Can you please assist us in our recruitment process?

If each of us reaches out to 5 individuals, we will exceed our numbers by our November 5th deadline.

The election is only 4 days away, and we need to begin looking toward the transition process. Please join us and refer qualified candidates to

They can review all information about our committee and submit their resumes directly to the site. Thank you so much for joining us in this process.


Beata Coloyan


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November 2, 2014 at 1:45 pm

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She says “polls aren’t everything …” and speaks well of John Barros and election day details in audio by Charlotte Golar Richie.

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Mayoral Poll Results are in!

September 18th – African American mayoral candidate Charlotte Golar Richie rises to 3rd place in the latest Suffolk University-Boston Herald mayoral poll while Barros dropped in standing since last poll was taken.

This seven minute audio file finds mayoral candidate Richie discussing poll results, end game strategy and her thoughts about candidate John Barros receiving the Boston Globe newspaper endorsement.  Copyright 2013, Boston Herald Radio


MEL KING suggested that 1/3 of the new 30,000 units of housing being proposed by Mayor Menino be positioned below the $75,000 per household income mark the mayor has set for the new properties. King said on The Morning Show at Touch 106.1 FM that the median household income in Boston communities of color is slightly more than $30,000.  If homes are being built for people who can afford them it would PREVENT ETHNIC CLEANSING from occurring in the City of Boston.

Download hundreds of affordable home locations in the greater Boston area.



Congrats to 
John Barros and his family’s newest baby! Mr. Barros has offered compelling reasons to elect him mayor of Boston. He’s a grad of Dartmouth College and a candidate for a Masters in Public Policy from Tufts University and has been the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Inc. Executive Director where over 200 permanent affordable homes were added to the city’s housing stock.

# Candidates of Color Forum For the Community By the community

The Freedom House explains why it did not permit the Candidates of Color forum for Boston mayor to be held on its property.  Listen to Freedom House CEO Katrina Shaw on Touch 106.1 FM radio.

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Middle-class jobs for Boston

Black Boston Politics & Persuassion
Black Boston Tweets

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September 18, 2013 at 12:26 pm

Boston Asians, Blacks and Hispanics makeup 53% of Boston’s population. And, leaders hope to …

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Get the mayor’s and city council’s support for a redistricting plan that reunites Mattapan and provides constituents of Mattapan with the same level of respect given to constituents in other neighborhoods such as Chinatown, South Boston, and Mission Hill.

Urge  all councilors and the mayor  to support a plan that creates five districts of Color.  Currently only four districts are majority People of Color. The idea will potentially create more city elected councilors of color than it has ever been before!

Get the new redistricting map to  reflect the reality of 2012, in which People of Color makeup 53 percent of Boston’s population. The 2010 Census shows Boston’s population is 53 percent People of Color and 47 percent White; yet Whites have the majority of the City Council districts.

… and they wish to disrupt this current (2012) situation where People of Color are the majority of the population fighting for the minority of the elected council seats, says the office of Mattapan councillor Yancey.

Councillor Yancey
(617) 635-3131

# #

police officer walking the beaten path

walking the beaten path

Be sure to read the Coalition of Color’s article titled
“Don’t Pack 4,  Don’t Crack 2” on
the South End Patch  newspaper site  about this
matter.           view article

signed by Eric Esteves, activist and
photographer;   Sean Daughtry, Political Action Chair NAACP – Boston Branch; Lydia Lowe, Executive Director, Chinese Progressive Association;  Cheryl Clyburn Crawford & Avi Green, Co-­‐Directors, MassVOTE ; Alejandra St. Guillen, Executive Director, Oiste?;  and Mariama White-Hammond, Executive Director, Project HIP-HOP.

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October 10, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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Government is a hard thing to administer

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up is where we are going PRESIDENT OBAMA is on air now.

..  air like tv, net and radio.

It is February 24, 2009 @10:07
p.m Eastern.

He stood  before Congress.
Goose bumps all across the nation
are rising.

Supposedly, its an economic mess out here.

BOA IRA accounts pay 2.10% over 18 months and  Government secured.
Just left Circuit city at South Bay.  They bankrupt. All things in store are gone. The cashier playing Hip Hop Rap on the Boom box wasn’t disturbed. She said “well, we gonna be here till March, they told me, or wheneva all this stuff gets sold…..”

I tried to buy a bikers bag. She told me it ain’t coming up in inventory. Can’t sell it to ya, she said. Yarn!
OBAMA’S SPEECH: Limbaugh producers are taking down notes. Imus will have a better  show tomorrow though.  The allies are listening. Terrorists are too. The closing message in the speech is coming soon.  R&B, NuJazz and other artist call it “the outro.”  Well, its done now.

Quick Save
the pundits on air tv are talking. Interesting.

Obama’s  lead was important. Choke. Bailout. School. Bank. Secondary Market. Roseveltian. Emerge. Strong.

Not a State of the Union address…. or was it?

Speaking into the middle,
Saw McCain
Ron Emanuel was there with the swish of humanity…

Chairman of the Fed was on the Hill today. Concerned.

Rare Positive Session of the Dow. It went up 200 points,  oh wow!

This story continues. Why bailout banks. [The Bank of America has been sued before all this. Yep, its a class action thing about those $35 charges resulting in so many people going negative when comparing ATM balance, to Web Balance to whatever the real balance was.]  Research the net, learn more about it – its current and if you are a BOA customer – you’ll get some bucks back for sure, if you join the class…

Speech is over now.

“A Democracy is a hard thing to administer!”

Isn’t that right?

P.S. GOP response opens with “Happy Mardi Gras”!

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February 24, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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Nov 4th: OBAMA & Kerry holds party in Boston at Copley Fairmont

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(NOV 4TH) – OBAMA ‘s Team PARTY Election Night
download party flyer info

Location: the Fairmont Copley Plaza  Hotel Ballroom
138 St. James Street, Boston, MA.

The public is invited but YOU MUST
RSVP the organizers for  tickets

Senator Kerry and a lot of others will be there.
Starts around 5PM.
Picks up when polling locations close.

Contact: The OBAMA-Massachusetts State Headquarters
52 + 56 Roland Street
Boston, MA 02129

Everything you want to know about the efforts the Democrats for Massachusetts put out can be be learned at the MASSDEMS.ORG web site.

Nov 4th organizing event info is also available there

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November 3, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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