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The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts working progress report.

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BECMA UPDATE, Nov 17, 2017
received from the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts Board

Yes… although we have been less visible, we’ve been working!

A few months ago, the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) board of directors recognized we needed more clarity on our strategy. We engaged The DoCanto Group to take us through a strategic planning process to determine how best to achieve our mission and goals to improve the economic well-being of the Black community in Massachusetts.

Although this planning process made us less visible over the past few months, it provided us with the clarity we needed to focus on specific strategic initiatives.

Here is a summary of our strategic focus:

Supplier Diversity Program

BECMA believes it is important to advocate for change in public policy to address economic inequality. The Commonwealth has an opportunity to lead the country on this issue. We have the best universities in the world, an educated workforce, a wealth of economic development and a politically engaged community, unfortunately juxtaposed with the highest levels of economic inequality in the country. We can do better.

BECMA recommends an economic bill that has inclusionary language to insure Black and Hispanic businesses equitably participate in every state issued contract. This bill is to promote “equity of opportunity in contracting; and, to that end, [to] encourage full participation of Black and Hispanic owned businesses in all areas of public and private procurement.” All procurement contracts greater than $100,000 should require a qualified Supplier Diversity Program plan with measurable commitments to utilize certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) contractors, suppliers or vendors.

We encouraged the adoption of the Massport Omni Hotel Minority Business Requirements by MassDot and other state agencies and authorities, state colleges and universities and community development corporations (CDCs) for all land, construction and service procurements. In particular, we encourage the application of minority business enterprise (MBE) requirements for the development of the forty (40) acres to be developed by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA).  BECMA also recommends the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (MCCC) adopt language that insures that all licenses include Black equity participation as well as an SDP plan.

As part of the Supplier Diversity Program, BECMA recommends the Commonwealth provide dedicated funding to support technical assistance for MBEs to accelerate their capacity for growth.

The State plays a major role in attracting new companies to the Commonwealth that bring significant opportunities such as General Electric and Amazon. BECMA recommends that a condition of any “economic incentives” is that companies prepare and adopt a Supplier Diversity Plan and an MBE design and construction plan. An MBE procurement plan should be a condition for any economic incentives.

Workforce Development

BECMA recommends the Commonwealth implement a plan to diversify trade unions, including sanctions of unions that fail to implement a diverse building and union trade workforce in five years. The trade industry provides exceptional opportunities for training, skill development, good paying jobs and entrepreneurship. By diversifying trade unions, we can create jobs and address economic inequality.

In addition, BECMA recommends that companies of significant size and impact that receive “economic incentives” to re-locate to or expand in the Commonwealth should engage in training programs at our local community colleges.

Leadership and Representation

BECMA strongly believes the Black community needs “a seat at the table”. We recommend that all gubernatorial appointments to Boards and Commissions include persons of color with business backgrounds. BECMA also recommends the Black Advisory Commission conduct a self-assessment of Governor Baker’s Urban Agenda, which was launched in 2014. We strongly encourage the administration to deliver on its promises.

We have already begun our work on these strategic initiatives. We presented our recommendations to the Black Advisory Commission (BAC) on November 2nd and November 14th at their listening sessions. We will be advocating for these initiatives over the next 12 months and will regularly share our progress with you.

We also have a few housekeeping items to address. We were not satisfied with the printing quality of the first portrait of 100 Black Owned Business Leaders of Boston that we sent in September (sorry for the delay), so we mailed a higher quality picture this week that will arrive early next week. If you paid ($40) for a picture, but did not receive it in September, please send an email with your name and mailing address to

Due to our internal work over the last few months, we are renewing all memberships that have not been paid in 2017 at no charge.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to a productive 2018!

Happy holidays!

Black Economic Council of Massachusetts


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November 17, 2017 at 3:36 pm

List of Boston Martin Luther King 2015 Celebrations with very long list of church events.

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Boston Martin Luther King Celebrations

View scores of 2015 church service events in Greater Boston

Martin Luther King personal correspondence and papers can be viewed here.


more event links:

Black Boston Church List featuring pastor photos. – Jan 19th

Museum of Fine Arts – Jan 19th

MLK Breakfast 2015

12th Baptist Church in Roxbury

Holy Tabernacle Baptist Church

This list is subject to updates.  Please reply to suggest events you know about and we may add them.

Thanks for reading the Blog

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January 16, 2015 at 11:34 am

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Things most Boston real estate brokers won’t tell you

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They won’t think to show you the AMI (area medium income)  designated properties unless you ask. There once was a a high school on a hill in Jamaica Plain. Its been converted to apartment condo homes  and they are nice, very  nice. A 2br is for sale for approximately $195,000 if you can get it.  Its on Elm Street.   There are 75 units there.    Ask your real estate broker ( note: most apartment rental agents will not tell you about this ) for a list of choices that meet AMI home-buyer guidelines and you could find yourself sitting in front of a deal that’s hard to refuse because its cheaper than renting and you can own. AMI labeled properties are cheaper to rent too.


house for sale

buy me


Here’s why.

1) These homes are every bit as good as non-AMI designated homes. An AMI-designated home means the developer and the financing providers got together under government tax reduction policy when the construction deal was going down. They went to market selling enough units at regular price to be able to offer a few of the units at “income-adjusted” prices and they decided that any owner of those units can NEVER sellout for more than 5% over what they paid for it and they have to hold on to it for at least five years, no flipping!!

2) These house are for families and first time home buyers including single people. They are not for people who want to profit when real estate pricing in the neighborhood increases.

boston house for sale

any suburban town Boston

3) There are not a lot of AMI designated housing stock. To get one you must first participate in an official First Time Home Buyers Program and pass it. Your credit score must not suck. You need to make and show you made at least $38,000 last year. Your bills have to be low enough. Your income has to be ready enough. You should not make more than $38,000 if single and more if there are two W2 wage earners in the household. And in some cases, especially for brand new properties, you have to be a lucky winner among people like your financial situation is of the “pool” of potential buyers for the few reduced priced market rate units in that development.

And every development has different rules that ultimately can affect how much it cost to be there. There’s a list of all the Community Development Housing Corporations serving Boston on the web site and its got phone numbers you can call there too.

4) Here’s what’s no so great about these AMI designated units. Well, you have to do the math. When major facility damage occurs, you will be assessed a flat rate amount over and above mortgage, taxes and condo fees, that you have no control over and so will everybody else with a unit in the development. This is because in some cases, the cost of repairing major damage to a building such as replacing its roof or rebuilding a damaged unit will be spread among the haves and the have not in that development.

house for sale - Boston suburb

shot from across the street


MORE INFO like this is on the Affordable Homes and Rentals web site page.

EVERY Boston First Time Home Buyer approved to purchase an AMI income priced home is likely to run into  Jeffrey Atkins, Program Manager of the  Homeowner / Homebuyer Services at the  Boston Home Center,  City of Boston.  (617) 635-4663


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May 12, 2014 at 4:33 pm

She says “polls aren’t everything …” and speaks well of John Barros and election day details in audio by Charlotte Golar Richie.

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Mayoral Poll Results are in!

September 18th – African American mayoral candidate Charlotte Golar Richie rises to 3rd place in the latest Suffolk University-Boston Herald mayoral poll while Barros dropped in standing since last poll was taken.

This seven minute audio file finds mayoral candidate Richie discussing poll results, end game strategy and her thoughts about candidate John Barros receiving the Boston Globe newspaper endorsement.  Copyright 2013, Boston Herald Radio


MEL KING suggested that 1/3 of the new 30,000 units of housing being proposed by Mayor Menino be positioned below the $75,000 per household income mark the mayor has set for the new properties. King said on The Morning Show at Touch 106.1 FM that the median household income in Boston communities of color is slightly more than $30,000.  If homes are being built for people who can afford them it would PREVENT ETHNIC CLEANSING from occurring in the City of Boston.

Download hundreds of affordable home locations in the greater Boston area.



Congrats to 
John Barros and his family’s newest baby! Mr. Barros has offered compelling reasons to elect him mayor of Boston. He’s a grad of Dartmouth College and a candidate for a Masters in Public Policy from Tufts University and has been the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Inc. Executive Director where over 200 permanent affordable homes were added to the city’s housing stock.

# Candidates of Color Forum For the Community By the community

The Freedom House explains why it did not permit the Candidates of Color forum for Boston mayor to be held on its property.  Listen to Freedom House CEO Katrina Shaw on Touch 106.1 FM radio.

linked by

Middle-class jobs for Boston

Black Boston Politics & Persuassion
Black Boston Tweets

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September 18, 2013 at 12:26 pm

Fat Guy Foodie, Health Tunnel link and a kickstarter Boston Black Doctor list.

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The HEALTH TUNNEL writes..
I am so intrigued about Black Doctors in Massachusetts because I rarely see them.

Shout-out to Black Doctors!!

here’s a peak at our Health Industry clients site viewers have been looking for primary care physicians and specialists. When requests for a black doctor is sent in by a viewer,  its usually very specific. People will ask “do you know a black doctor that could …”

We refer.

Have sent folks to explore Harvard Community Health center on Blue Hill Ave and the Whittier Health Center on Tremont. I’ve seen black interns at Boston Medical Center but I they weren’t doctors yet.

My family has been going to one of three Harvard Vanguard / Atrius Health Care facilities, due to insurance flow, and I’ve seen ZERO black doctors at these complexes, although I did see  some photos of black staff doctors on the lobby directory at the Braintree location.  I would recommend  specialists at these facilities. No matter what, they are good.  I would also recommend the Boston Medical Center and Davita Clinic in Brookline.

working moments

fat guy foodie

you are what you eat boyeee!

For two years I was the only field engineer based in Boston for a manufacturer of medical devices. I installed  and maintaining mini-computer  based  brain and whole body scanners (CT SCAN) systems into the Faulkner Hospital, Pete Bent Brigham, New England Medical Center, Mt. Auburn Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.  I’ve made business trips out to hospitals in Salem, MA, Bangor Maine and spent a lot of time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire doing the work.

I can’t recall ever seeing a black doctor on any of these trips and I practically lived at some of these hospitals while maintaining the equipment, speaking to Radiology Department Directors, etc.  I never saw a black doctor I can remember.  To this day, my daughter is a Speech Pathologist with Rex UNC Healthcare of  North Carolina and I’ve been there.

Although I have never been to the Codman Square, Uphrams Corner, Mattapan Community Health, Dimmock and RoxComp  —  except to install a WIFI building to building link at DIMMOCK —   I would imagine that the staff is diverse in these locations.


This article  kicksTARTS a list that may grow. Everyone is not listed right now.  You can leave a comment if you would like or write to

Here’s the latest hit we got from the public social broadstream from a Black Physician.

Doctor Earl Stewart, Jr.
Contact: @EarlStewart Jr.  on Twitter
.. is a Resident Physician, Gospel Pianist, Inspirational Author and Poet

more coming soon…


Meanwhile,  you can search the online Black Pages of New England for medical professionals.

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July 5, 2013 at 9:38 am

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Boston black college student group URLs plus a new e-learning smart tool link.

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Online educational tools involve.
Here’s what Boston based black-owned just discovered …

FEB 20, ’13  – how you can create Classrooms

WordPress is an elegant solution for education professionals looking to create a website for their class, and today we’re excited to announce the launch of Classrooms.

Whether you need a group blog for your high school history project, or to keep your 3rd grade students’ parents up to date about the next field trip, you’ll find the solution here at


NSBE Boston is the National Society of Black Engineers Boston Chapter

NSBE Boston Google Groups listserve
NSBE Boston Twitter timeline

BBSN is the Black Boston Student Network  of College & Univ 

other black student unions, organizations and school programs are but not limited to:

Regis College BSO |  Boston University UMOJA   |  UMASS – Boston Black Students 

Wellesley College Harambee House | MIT African and Black Student Connects

Harvard BSA  |

BDPA – MetroWest is the Boston area chapter of the Black Data Processing Association

Statistical Demographics of Boston’s Young People   aged 23 – 34 years old.

The 9th Annual Black Policy Conference at The Harvard Kennedy School link

Black Policy Conference 2013
BPC 2013 features Sen Mo Cowan, speaker

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February 21, 2013 at 1:29 pm

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Boston Asians, Blacks and Hispanics makeup 53% of Boston’s population. And, leaders hope to …

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Get the mayor’s and city council’s support for a redistricting plan that reunites Mattapan and provides constituents of Mattapan with the same level of respect given to constituents in other neighborhoods such as Chinatown, South Boston, and Mission Hill.

Urge  all councilors and the mayor  to support a plan that creates five districts of Color.  Currently only four districts are majority People of Color. The idea will potentially create more city elected councilors of color than it has ever been before!

Get the new redistricting map to  reflect the reality of 2012, in which People of Color makeup 53 percent of Boston’s population. The 2010 Census shows Boston’s population is 53 percent People of Color and 47 percent White; yet Whites have the majority of the City Council districts.

… and they wish to disrupt this current (2012) situation where People of Color are the majority of the population fighting for the minority of the elected council seats, says the office of Mattapan councillor Yancey.

Councillor Yancey
(617) 635-3131

# #

police officer walking the beaten path

walking the beaten path

Be sure to read the Coalition of Color’s article titled
“Don’t Pack 4,  Don’t Crack 2” on
the South End Patch  newspaper site  about this
matter.           view article

signed by Eric Esteves, activist and
photographer;   Sean Daughtry, Political Action Chair NAACP – Boston Branch; Lydia Lowe, Executive Director, Chinese Progressive Association;  Cheryl Clyburn Crawford & Avi Green, Co-­‐Directors, MassVOTE ; Alejandra St. Guillen, Executive Director, Oiste?;  and Mariama White-Hammond, Executive Director, Project HIP-HOP.

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